Protection Against Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Committee

In modern age and society interaction of different genders both male and female is inevitable particularly in workplaces including Universities. However, it is important to provide a safe environment where everyone irrespective of what gender they belong should be able to study or work without any concern for their safety or mental and physical harassment or threat. Harassment of women being socially and physically weak is unfortunately rampant everywhere and is considered to be a social evil which needs to be addressed immediately. After a long struggle of different stake holders, the act of harassment was declared unlawful and its violation by any person is liable to be punished under the Act passed by the Parliament in 2010. It was also made mandatory for each government and non-government organization to adopt mechanism for redressal issues of sexual harassment. University of Peshawar has also adopted this act and constituted a standing committee to address complaints of students, supporting staff and faculty regarding harassment including sexual favor, intimidation, demeaning attitudes etc. Anyone within the jurisdiction of the university can launch a verbal or written complaint to this committee which will be dealt with complete confidentiality by the concerned members. The aim is to make sure that females are able to work in a harassment free environment.

Following are the key persons and their email addresses:

  1. Prof. Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad (Convener of Inquiry Committee), Institute of Chemical Sciences,
  2. Mr. Saifullah Khan (member of the Committee), Registrar, University of Peshawar,
  3. Dr. Huma Javed (member of the Committee), Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science,


  1. Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010
  2. Code of Conduct as per the Act 2010