Centre for Human Resource & Career Development


Academic institutions involved in higher education round the globe provide backbone for industrial, economic and social development. Large numbers of qualified as well as trained personnel are needed to face the challenges of today’s intensively competitive world. Therefore, highly skilled professionals capable of imparting their knowledge effectively to others are the need of time. This is the fundamental challenge facing universities across Pakistan.

The University of Peshawar has been serving the residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular and the people of Pakistan in general for more than six decades in numerous educational fields and spheres. Each constituent Department, College, Centre and Institute working under the aegis of this Mother University is in its own self a distinct disseminator of knowledge, enlightenment and quality education.

The University of Peshawar took a leading role in response to the challenges faced by our nation towards human resource development by establishing the Staff Training Institute. The Staff Training Institute (STI) was established in 1985 at the University of Peshawar to improve teaching quality by upgrading the teachers’ skills pertaining to education, research and learners’ psychology and deliver modern training to the staff to encourage indigenous research culture in the Province and related regions. The primary objective was to provide an academically rigorous forum for research and technical assistance to the newly inducted as well as senior teaching staff and to equip human resource professionally.

In due course of time, scope of the Staff Training Institute was broadened to include capacity building of all the internal as well as external stakeholders of the University of Peshawar which include the Teaching, Administrative Staff and the Students as well. To reflect this broadening of scope and inclusion of new training and development activities, the STI has been re-branded as The Centre for Human Resource and Career Development or simply the CHRCD. In future, the external stakeholders of the University of Peshawar are also expected to be brought on-board of the Centre for developing productive and mutually beneficial liaisons.